Intercultural consulting by AF-International

What is intercultural competence?

It is the ability to successfully conduct business between cultures. Intercultural competence is necessary to be studied and practiced.


With the help of our extensive experience, we can introduce you to this complex field of communication. International contacts and meetings, trips abroad and international projects, as well as negotiations on conclusion of various contracts and agreements allow having a positive impact on the inter-cultural understanding.


Introductory lectures give an idea of the subject area of intercultural communication. In particular, during such introductory lectures the fundamental aspects and their impact on specific occupational field are highlighted. We present practice-oriented techniques which will help you overcome intercultural differences. The aim of our activities is to ensure participants understanding of this issue. You will get a first glimpse of the problem and its solution.


You will be guided through the stages of organized learning and open discussion forums during the seminar. With the help of practically oriented exercises, your skills in intercultural competence will be expanded and deepened. You get a chance to check your level of knowledge with the help of additional competence assessment.

Basic seminar

We will be purposefully developing your knowledge and skills in this field along with you. At the first stage it is important to increase the perception of cultural differences. The second stage will give you a possibility to interactively learn how to move across another culture with ease, acting successfully through many practical cases.

Developing seminar for entrepreneurs

This seminar is based on the content of the basic seminar. It will complement knowledge you obtained from the basic seminar with techniques of addressing intercultural communication problems with the help of specific examples from practice, simulation modeling and group activity. Practical seminar dedicated to the same topic. In addition to the intercultural communication topics, we introduce the audience to a sense of rhythm and beat in the language environment, for example, for the purposes of negotiations, presentations, public speaking, as well as conflict resolution. You will learn how to deal with cultural differences calmly and elegantly!

Specific France-oriented seminar

This specific seminar is aimed at helping you successfully organize German-French business relations. It will teach you how to behave politely and at the same time being determined? This specific seminar implies introducing you to the French way of thinking, as well as the transmission of information about the culture, history, politics, school system, and many other things. Through the use of various media, you get acquainted with multiplicity of France.

Improving your language seminars

Your position in the company requires you to be a cosmopolite and have an ability to develop yourself vigorously? We give you the opportunity to enhance your intercultural competence through various tests, games and simulated conflict situations. If you would like, you can also check your language skills in a variety of languages.


Through intensive individual training in intercultural communication, we prepare you to identify and solve problems of intercultural communication in the context of international business relations. In addition to the topics of intercultural communication, we would be happy to provide you with an opportunity to obtain advanced knowledge of the French language and develop practice-oriented skills in intercultural communication for professional use upon request. Such advanced knowledge and practice-oriented skills in intercultural communication will help you when it comes to, for:

  • Negotiations
  • Presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Argue
  • Convince

Intercultural counseling conditions

The following range of services should help you create a first impression of our activities and our competence.

Duration Price Period
Introductory event on intercultural management
(with interactive documents)
3 x 60 minutes online 300 € n. V.
Basic seminar Intercultural competence
(with interactive documents)
4 x 60 minutes online 400 € n. V.
Developing seminar Intercultural Competence for entrepreneurs Whole day 850 € n. V.
Practical seminar Intercultural Competence in the context Whole day 1.300 € n. V.
Specific France-oriented seminar Whole day 850 € n. V.
Additional language seminars Whole day 950 € n. V.
Coaching management professionals n. V. n. V. n. V.
Counseling tailored to the needs of the customer n. V. n. V. n. V.

In case you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with a customized and detailed quote, taking into account the content. Please feel free to contact us.