Learning the language means participating in an adventure, whether it is a book, a CD, a language program, or audio and video cassettes: you learn according to your interests and determine your own rhythm. First of all, we conduct an analysis which determines which method is suitable for you so that you can achieve the goal in the easiest way possible. For example, a rapid learning method to develop automatisms (for those who need to quickly enrich their vocabulary), an audio-lingual method (for those who have pronounced auditory memory), or a graphic method (for those who have good visual memory). There are also people for whom it is easier to learn the language with the help of translation.

Teacher gives you tests which you need to complete and problems which you need to solve, then they take a look at them, discuss all corrections with you (if any), and encourage you to optionally repeat a lesson or a grammatical article. During an exercise, as part of a conversation with another participant of the course, your mistakes are highlighted and then discussed. You learn in a relaxed, but at the same time serious atmosphere. Your journey through the language leads you to the country, its culture and its inhabitants. Due to this a language really comes alive and becomes almost perceptible. You understand many expressions better and know how to behave appropriately in different situations.


Prices depend on participants’ experience, as well as the educational method, location and number of participants.

Prices* per person from
Private lesson 40 € (45 minutes) 45 € (60 minutes)
Group lesson 20 € (45 minutes) 25 € (60 minutes)

In case you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with a customized and detailed quote, taking into account the content. Please feel free to contact us.

Name Description Maximum group size Price (per person) 45 minutes E-Mail
French for an exam French for secondary education, high school exams and tests. 4 persons, from 2 persons 25 EUR 30 €      
French for the profession Here you can learn French specifically for your profession. It doesn’t matter if you are a working-man, a sales representative, or an attorney – with the help of this course you will discover new markets in respect of the language. 4 persons, from 2 persons 25 EUR 30 €      
French in a company Telephone conversations, correspondence, or little conversations with French colleagues. 4 persons ,from 3 persons 25 EUR 30 €      
Business French This course is exactly what you need when it comes to written and oral communication with your French business partners. 4 persons 30 €      
French for a presentation Presentations in French? Not a problem. With this course, your presentation will become “French” not only linguistically. 2 persons 40 €      
French for a report You are a participant of the conference in the French language? Then this course is exactly what you need. 3 persons 35 €      
French for a work position Internship abroad, development of new labor markets? With this course, you will get one step closer to achieving this goal. We offer a comprehensive assistance, advice and tips in regards to how to get a job in France. 4 persons 35 €      
Economic French Thanks to our extensive economic vocabulary and a varied specialized conversation practice in the economic section of the French newspapers, you will not get any question marks in your head. 4 persons 35 €      
Conversation Conversations and addressing everyday-life situations should strengthen your confidence when it comes to a foreign language and ensure a thorough knowledge of the French language. 4 persons 25 €      
French for Francophiles The focus of this course is not only the language, but a French culture and a French society. It allows you to get better acquainted with the history and society of France. Private lessons are available 25 €      
French for artists and people interested in art History and French culture, biographies and works of famous French artists are the focus of this course. 3 persons 30 €      
French for cooks and food lovers France is famous for all kinds of culinary delights. Find out more about French cuisine and national dishes of various French regions in this course. 4 persons 30 €      
French for a correspondence Correspondence, whether it’s private or business-related, will no longer be a problem for you after completion of this course. 4 persons 30 €      
French for greetings Your key position requires you saying greetings, delivering speeches, and even tributes in French? We will teach you how to do it right! 2 persons 35 €      
French on the go Learn or practice your French for phone conversations, small conversations, or other topics of your choice during your daily commute. from 3 persons, from 4 persons 30 € 35 €      
French for poets and novelists Experience French literature at first-hand. Immerse yourself in the world of poetry and literature: learn how to read, to teach and to write yourself! 3 Personen 30 €      
French for athletes With this course you will be able to overcome not only sports, but also language barriers. French for athletes offers a comprehensive language training in the field of sports. Private lessons 35 €      
French for traveling In order to always be somewhere where you wanted to be and always stay in the same hotel suite, simply put, the journey will not only be a mere visual event. 5 persons,
from 3 persons 25 €
40 €      
Perfect French pronunciation Learn perfect French pronunciation with the help of native French teachers. 2 persons 25 €      
Frenchen en Chansons Listen to really good songs to learn French. 4 persons 25 €      
French from a culinary point of view For those who are already familiar with French recipes and would like to learn more about their origins, inventors, and era. 3 persons 30 €      
French – Relevant Topics This course contributes the language learning process with the help of relevant social and political French topics. 4 persons 30 €      
French through civilization Teach not only French, live and breathe France; France, the country, its culture, its regions, its dialects, its accents and cultural differences. 2 persons 25 €