Protecting your privacy when visiting our website is important to us. We would like to offer you the openness of the fact that we take every possible step in order to protect your data when you visit the website and all kinds of information we collect, if necessary. We are committed to protecting data of visitors of our website. Third parties get an access to the collected data only according to the method as described in this statement. No personal data is, of course, will be transferred to collaborating organizations or advertising firms. We reserve the right to make changes to the information contained in this statement of data protection without prior notice on changes in the law or jurisprudence. Current version which is currently published here shall be considered valid.

Main provisions

When using our website, you automatically agree that we may obtain certain data from you. In turn, we commit ourselves to obtaining only the necessary data and we always protect your data. When you are simply visiting our website, we do not collect personal information. Accordingly, you can visit our website anonymously, without telling us who you are. Only in the case if you use one of our personalized services, being interested in the proposal of one of our services, we would ask you for certain personal information needed to render such services.

Use of Personal Information

Personal data is collected only in the case if you specify it on your own initiative, for example, within the framework of the quote request in the quote form or within the framework of a letter sent to us. All personal information collected from our website is processed and used in accordance with the provisions on the protection of personal data only for the purpose of providing you the service and used for processing of your requests.

Transfer of personal data and its intended use

As part of the processing of your orders and use of our services by you, we may hire service providers. These service providers are required to comply with this privacy statement under the agreement concluded. Your personal information will be forwarded to third parties only upon your express consent and only if these recipients undertake to comply with applicable laws on data protection in regards to our website.


We handle all the texts, documents, audio and video files, and other information in a strictly confidential manner. Without prior approval, this information is available only to those who are directly involved in the task. We respect the privacy regarding the facts which have become known to us in connection with our activities for the customer.