Thinking on an international scale – acting on an intercultural scale

Our job is to guide you to the international success!

“Our region with its excellent infrastructure and quality of life, which is opened to the whole world, is an ideal place for existing global enterprises. Thus, regional entities must be even more persistent when it comes to dealing with artificial boundaries around them, they must collaborate and think more purposefully on an international scale. ”

Dr. Detlef Braun, Managing Director at Messe Frankfurt Exhibition

Intercultural advice

International contacts and meetings, trips abroad and international projects, as well as negotiations on conclusion of various contracts and agreements allow having a positive impact on the inter-cultural understanding. We can introduce you to this complex field of communication through our extensive experience.


You have developed some project, you have written a book, or maybe you have invented a new product and thereby would like to conquer new markets abroad. In order for your creation to have a chance, it must be translated. Professional human translator is needed for professional translations.

Language courses

Learning the language means participating in an adventure, whether it is a book, a CD, a video, or a crash-course (intensive course): You learn according to your interests and determine your own rhythm. Your journey through the language leads you to the country, its culture, and its inhabitants.


You are preparing a tour around the company for your French colleagues in order to introduce them to your business. As a writer, you would like to know could your story or your autobiographical novel find resonance in France, or in Germany. Translator responsible for the project ensures there is an immediate understanding and there is no tactlessness in the translation.

Of current interest
Interview with Ariane Fleuranceau at SWR

Interview with Ariane Fleuranceau at the AF-International company is dedicated to cultural differences in international business with France. Language courses, translation and interpreting, all this is only the starting point. Every company needs coaching or training in order to develop intercultural competence.

Learn French in the pocket book format

From now on, the book by Margaret Mitchell and Ariane Fleuranceau entitled Pour parler affaires A2-B1 is available at stores and online. You can buy the book here.